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THE BREATHLESSLY anticipated sixth edition in the CREATURE FEATURES MOVIE GUIDE series, which since 1980 has covered the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror like no other publication in the history of movie guides, has blasted its way into the year 2000 with a blood-drenched vengeance. At least for those non-milquetoasts with the fortitude to handle it.

For the first time in its infamous but fun-loving history, it is being issued by a leading publisher of intellectual material: Penguin, which in recent times merged with the former publisher, Berkley-Putnam. As always, the price is low so that it can reach more of the masses. Is the world ready for this onslaught? Only time will tell.

The book's modest and rather meager $12 cover price makes it affordable for every horror freak between here and Transylvania.

As of August 8, 2000, you will find this remarkable compendium in bookstores and other traditional places where mass-market paperbacks are racked, stacked and cracked: drugstores, supermarkets, poolhalls, racetracks and other cultural centers in every major city.

This new edition features hundreds of new entries and is jam-packed with new cross references and videotape/DVD/laser disc information not contained in any previous edition.

One of the first media critics to see the new book was Dennis Willis, a noted expert in movies and music who keeps the world informed of his trend-setting opinions at "I was utterly, totally, completely and thoroughly overwhelmed when I saw Stanley's latest opus. Once again, he has maintained accurate body counts for each and every new slasher flick. Skewerings, beheadings, dismemberments, pinionings and routine stab thrusts have been tallied down to the last plunging blade. Stanley's accuracy is dead-on. His writing style remains non-turgid and florrid, with frequent lapses into luridness, but hey, that's what gives these books their charm. I'd recommend it on all levels."

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