SHOOK, ROCKED, rattled, astounded, spooked . . . All of these words and others far more descriptive and power-packed only vaguely, remotely describe what happened when THE CREATURE FEATURES MOVIE GUIDE STRIKES AGAIN syrocketed into the consciousness of America in 1995. This fourth-edition explosion in the ongoing CREATURE FEATURES MOVIE GUIDE SERIES from John Stanley's imprint Creatures at Large Press, 1082 Grand Teton Drive, Pacifica CA 94044, startled the world of science fiction and horror movies and had a resounding effect on the sanity of the social structure which it touched so delicately.

The critics were raving--not because they were insane or because they should be placed in straitjackets. (Alas, there are a handful of movie critics who should be assigned this apparel and placed in padded rooms for their own protection, but we are not presently at liberty to name them at this time).
No, these tasteful critics who are now referring to realized that this edition, like no other before it, covered the genre fields in a thorough and refreshing style. It was a case of intellectualism superimposing itself on crassness and brassness.As Stanley explained it: "You see, I watch at least one movie per day, in an effort to keep up to the great outpouring of new titles.
"In this singular manner I am able to cover this vast field of movie-making. I feel that when it's all filtered through a single, singular point of view such as my own, a comprehension results within in a world of movies that is otherwise incomprehensible. Hence, my fellow Americans and members of foreign cultures, I bring clarity to cosmic chaos."

  • SAM RAIMI (Director of "The Evil Dead" movies): "Stanley's book is my favorite genre handbook . . . an invaluable, insightful addition to my collection. Every fan should have it."
  • JOE BOB BRIGGS (Intellectual Drive-In Movie Critic): "Check this sucker out! I'm in awe of this Stanley guy. He's written the Encyclopedia Britannica of Horror."
  • THE SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE: "Bigger and better than ever .... includes many titles that even those addicted to low-budget horror films haven't heard of."
  • ROBERT BLOCH (Author of "Psycho"): "No intelligent, self-respecting horror freak should be without it. Stanley takes the bore out of gore. His is a thinking man's guide to
    true grue."
  • FANGORIA MAGAZINE: "Loaded with personality and the human touch, this book reflects a deep love for, and a sense of wonder about, Stanley's material."


Capsulized Reviews of 5,614 Movies: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
Vivid Death-Scene Descriptions
Home Video and Laser Disk Information
Accurate Body Counts
232 Photographs of Popular Monsters, Beautiful Women, Historic Movie Moments
1,709 Cross Referenced Titles

24 Brand-New Sketches By Artist Kenn Davis such as This "Phantom of the Opera":


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