HERE IT IS AT LAST! The sequel to John Stanley's "I Was a TV Horror Host" (2007) in which you will be exposed to nearly 800 photographs (many signed by movie and TV stars and in print for the first time) and around 80 monster-horror sketches, many taken from his "Creature Features Movie Guide" books. You will enter a unique realm of science-fiction, fantasy and horror . . . what Stanley considers his deepest (and sometimes funniest) one-on-one interviews. He enjoyed almost six years as "Creature Features" host in the San Francisco-Bay Area and 33 years as an entertainment writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. This blending of two careers is one unique and awesome mixture of gory joy.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

THE GANG THAT SHOT UP HOLLYWOOD Buy it here, autographed to you by John Stanley. Available as an 8 ½" x 11" trade paperback. 750 photographs! 20 original caricatures and sketches! Portraits of Hollywood’s leading action heroes of movies and TV! Including Clint Eastwood, Robert Mitchum and James Stewart. Encounter many film noir femme fatales that John Stanley met during his 33-year career as an entertainment writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Welcome! For six years, 1979-1984, I was host of a San Francisco-Bay Area TV series, CREATURE FEATURES. I was preceded by Bob Wilkins, who first introduced the series in 1971 and carried through 1978.

I say a mere six years . . . and yet all these years later the memories of the are thriving as never before. The devotion of you fans continues to amaze me. I am thankful to all of you for remembering those wonderful years, and for attending our events, and for picking up on my DVD and book releases, which I try to refresh annually.

The purpose of this website is to keep alive your memories of CREATURE FEATURES, which for 14 years was the most popular TV show in the Bay Area, and ranked highly among all the horror-host programs that predominated on American TV during those magical years. I intend to keep the mythology of the show alive as long as I can. Just as I hope THE CAREER THAT DRIPPED WITH HORROR and THE GANG THAT SHOT UP HOLLYWOOD keeps alive the legacy of journalism that the San Francisco Chronicle provided to me for 33 action-packed years as I covered major stars of movies and TV shows.

And now, come on in . . . if you dare! Learn more about the history of CREATURE FEATURES, see many autographed photographs, and visit the Store of Horror where you’ll find many books and DVDs.